Ready-made kits that fit 90% of roofs. If you want to make sure the kit meets your expectations or would like to individually select components... contact us!


Buying a kit is simple and safe. Choose a ready-made kit that meets your needs or select the main components with the help of an Energy Advisor. Install the kit yourself following the instructions or with the help of an electrician and enjoy free electricity today.

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Universal Photovoltaic Kits

Each Solfox kit is sold complete – with every nut and bolt. Fits any roofing material:

  • The kit is composed of the highest quality photovoltaic modules – monocrystalline, Tier1, product class A.
  • Photovoltaic modules are available in different power variantsy, typically from 380W to 550W.
  • We have modules of different visual variants: Bifacial, Fullblack, Black Frame, Silver Frame.
  • At your request, we will help you with all the formalities concerning: Application to the Energy Company, Formalities for Subsidies, Financing or sale on instalments.

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We have been configuring complete photovoltaic kits for more than six years. We have sold hundreds of photovoltaic kits throughout the European Union.


We pay great attention to securing shipments, so you can be sure that your package will arrive complete and undamaged. As a precaution, each shipment is additionally insured.


Hundreds of kits sold mean hundreds of satisfied customers. Check out sample Customer Reviews and Reference Photos of kits sold.

Quick delivery

Order the kit today and you will receive it within 5 working days. You will wait a maximum of fourteen days for the Custom Kits that we configure for you.

Individual selection

Our Advisors are waiting for your call or email. They will be happy to advise you at any stage of the process. Not only when choosing the perfect kit for your roof, but also during installation process or while dealing with paperwork.


Solfox advisors will help you obtain financing from one of our partners, including NBP Paribas (Financing) service. Buy the kit now and enjoy instalments lower than your electricity bill!

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Components of top brands

Ready projects
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Bialystok - 15kW.
Envelope roof - Ceramic tile
Warsaw - 13.5 kW.
Gable roof - Trapezoidal sheet
Vilnius - 3,46 kW.
Stepped roof - Ceramic tiles
Munich - 50kW.
Hip roof - Cement tile
Wroclaw - 8.46 kW.
Gable roof - Metal roof tiles
Kaunas - 5.64 kW.
Gable roof - Seam sheet

Learn about the process
of purchasing the kit

Once you have completed all these steps, you will enjoy the renewable energy from your photovoltaic kit, while reducing your electricity bill and carbon footprint, helping to protect the environment.


Consultation and preliminary analysis

Contact your photovoltaic kit supplier to arrange a consultation. During the meeting you will discuss your needs, expectations and how solar energy can benefit your home or business.


Choosing the best solution

Once you have reviewed the range, choose the photovoltaic kit that best suits your needs and budget.


Funding and formalities

If you benefit from a grant or tax relief, the supplier will help you with all the paperwork and documentation.


Mains connection

Once completed, the installation will be connected to the electricity grid so that the solar energy generated can be enjoyed.


Tests and performance checks

The supplier's team will carry out tests and verifications to ensure that the installation is working correctly and efficiently.

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Free electricity from day one

Saving a few thousand

Subsidies and tax relief

Environmentally friendly energy source

Installation instructions and free consultation

Advantageous financing option


"I purchased the photovoltaic kit and am very pleased with its performance. My electricity bills have dropped dramatically and solar energy powers my whole house!"

Tomasz Kaczmarek

"I would definitely recommend the photovoltaic kit for self-assembly. It makes me feel more energy independent and, in addition, I can make a conscious contribution to environmental protection"

Marek Jankowski

"Buying a photovoltaic kit is one of the best decisions I have made. I see real financial benefits and feel proud to be using renewable energy."

Karol Czeremcha

"The photovoltaic kit was easy to install and the instructions were clear and precise. Fantastic contact with the company"

Mariusz Pogorzelski

"The photovoltaic kit is brilliant! Not only do I save money, but I also feel that I am contributing to the fight against climate change. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering such an investment."

Marta Wisniewska

Frequently asked questions

A ready-made photovoltaic kit is a complete package that includes photovoltaic panels, an inverter, mounting accessories and the necessary components to install solar energy.

By choosing a ready-made kit, you save time in selecting components, are assured of optimal selection and have an easier installation. This also offers a better quality guarantee and savings compared to purchasing components separately.

Technical requirements vary depending on location, roof orientation, pitch and access to sunlight. The supplier will carry out an initial analysis of your property to match the kit to your conditions.

Yes, many off-the-shelf kits are designed with self-assembly in mind. Suppliers often provide instructions and technical support to help with installation.

The performance of the finished kit depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the installation, location, angle of the panels and weather conditions. The supplier can estimate these figures during the consultation.

Warranties vary between manufacturers and suppliers, but typically include warranties on panels, inverters and other components, as well as performance warranties for a specified period.

We will take care of safe transport

When you decide to order at Solfox, you are guaranteed:

  • delivery of the parcel to the indicated address;
  • reinforced security of the shipment;
  • shipment insurance;
  • service by a professional forwarding company (Raben, Geodis).

What is the waiting time for an order?

  • Standard orders – we will be with you within 5 days!
  • Express orders – order a set by 11:00 and you will receive it the next day.
  • Custom orders – waiting time is 10 working days.

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